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We have visited far too many servers with bad administration; egotistical/power hungry people who want nothing to do with the opinions of their players and are lazy. I want to put a stop to that! Just as the premise of this server was decided by you, the community, so will the features! We are a team of veteran game developers who have a dream to create a professional server experience that puts the players FIRST and gives the Minecraft community what they deserve. We believe that rude staff, money grubbing admins, and lazy developers with low quality standards effects servers in a negative way. My team and I believe we can bring a fresh, open, high quality and fair prison server experience to Minecraft that also strives to put a bit of epicness into your day. -_^


To solve these issues, we spent over a year building a world and programming plugins based on YOUR suggestions to give the community something they want to play. We have done extensive testing through our many beta sessions to ensure that the gameplay experience exceeds your expectations and most importantly that you are having fun. We also have strict policies for our staff to adopt an ask questions-act later mentality; giving the players a safe and fair environment where they have a voice and don’t have to be constantly afraid of the all-mighty admins and constant risks of getting banned.


After a year and a half of work, we have been able to create a large RP/Prison server hybrid set in a medieval fantasy world complete with epic lore to explore, epic builds created by famous builders, epic quests to conquer and all it needs is an epic community to play it! Here are some of our features:

Features of the server:

  • We have purchased server space on Amazon and have a ready-to-go, reliable and fast platform that will be able to handle (eventually) hundreds of people on at a time.
  • We have a dedicated plugin team who developed a library of custom plugins to help create the most unique experience possible for you. So give us suggestions! :3
  • One of the most unique prison server experiences complete with new gameplay elements not usually introduced in the genre.
  • MMO styled server with complete MCMMO ranking system catered to this server specifically and extra MMO elements to explore in Freeman rank.
  • Hundreds of quests and mini-quests to explore.
  • Over 4 large arena games to play in the prison and many more in Freeman rank
  • Unique (isn't just diamonds) donor benefits including our popular custom-coded posters and Ravesuit Items!
  • And many more features that are waiting to be discovered, so stop by! The IP is mc.deadmandungeons.com :3

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